Design for Cleanrooms D4C

Planning for efficiency with vision

Good scheduling in the area of cleanrooms means, that every single subsection will integrate seamlessly into the master plan, therefor link into a uniform system.

Your economic success is our focus.

The company C4C is focusing on coordinating a high degree of automation, outstanding ergonomics, generating intensive productiveness and strong energy efficiency for every single area of operation. We are creating a continuous quality chain, complete from building technology to the cleanroom.

Cleanrooms will only be efficient, as the construction ‘s target values and tasks are established preferably early and are permanently tested and checked thoroughly, while going through the planning process. We define a building, as also the cleanroom architecture, to be successful, if it succeeds in aspects of comfort, economy, optimization and safety engineering.

Every cleanroom differs from each other, so any area of operation is in the need of individual methods of resolution. Shouldn’t the ventilation keep a cleanroom undoubtedly sterile and clean? What parameters will we define along with you in questions of temperature, atmospheric moisture and pressure ratio? Overly complex ventilation technology spends more energy than bearable. How can we reduce that certainly non-essential energy in order for the operating expenses not to increase into outright unaffordable dimensions?

In the process analysis we carve out aspects critical to the quality, so that we can identify possible problems that would otherwise only be revealed later. Therefor we formulate a product specification, defining the technical equipment.

This insight incorporates into the layout design. C4C is envisioning but not limited to directions of flow, airlocks, walling and control technique for optimal pressure ratios in the cleanroom. Those various systems are then adjusted to each other.

In a cleanroom specific building measures, as also the insertion and extraction of machinery and particular standards are underlain, in order to guarantee a production poor of particles. Those building measures are scheduled with help of our qualification measurement for installations of cleanroom-systems both in operating and static conditions. Only if those specifications are met, we’ll give permission to start the production.

Our master plan integrates accomplishments of other expert designers by also following the requirements of functional, technological, structural-physical and energy-efficient technology for an integral design. The focus lies on your economic success.

Our services summarized:

  • Definition/analysis of production line after cleanroom standards
  • Optimizing process sequences and process equipment
  • Operating process under consideration of the concept of separate zones of cleanrooms (e.g. clean air-stream), machine placement, working environment
  • Material and manpower flow
  • Design of working environment
  • Planning of storage and logistic systems
  • Optimizing of workflow

Design by C4C – optimal and individual for your needs.