EMSR 4 Cleanrooms

Energy efficiency and product safety for highest demands

Electrical technology and metrology do not consider a cleanroom individual but as a sum of all energy flows in and around the cleanroom and its mechanical and operational means. This leads to a higher product safety with low energy-consumption.

For everything to run and function efficiently.

Your production is just as good as your control system allows it to be. C4C structures .solutions with exact risk analysis.. Actuating elements and sensor systems move electric and mechanic actuators according to your input requirements. We combine all relevant data streams and prepare them for every level, starting at field level, thru automation, up to management level.

C4C not only works in the area of cleanrooms, but we take a look at the full picture. By scheduling and supervising the building technology facilities we can detect energy intensive actions, so that we can develop .cost-saving alternatives..
C4C is not only looking forward to new EMSR/control units, but also successfully optimizes and modernizes already existing ones.

C4C defines regulation and the control cabinet components after the following factors: aligned functionality and energy efficiency, easy handling and accurate supervision. That’s how function chart and electric diagram become a uniform system.

Of course we can adapt the ESMR to modified production methods or processes rapidly. Another objective C4C is aiming at in the sector of MSR and electro-technic planning would be stabilizing and increasing of plant security.

Of course for us also applies: Just as much technology as required. The reliability of the production process is the undoubtedly most important part in the process chain.

Unsere Leistungen für Sie im Überblick:

  • Detailed engineering of control- and steering systems
  • Hardware planning and development of control programs for control gear and machinery
  • Creating graphic construction overviews
  • Search and removal of interruptions in running operation and during revision

Your production by C4C-EMSR – accurate, fast, secure.