Operation for Cleanroom O4C

Safety concepts for man and material

The cleanroom area of operation needs to be structured clearly. Personnel and machines have their efficient and safe room. If a chain’s link is changed out, quality must not decrease. First order is always the stability of core procedures.

Know How, every clutch must seat neatly.

A cleanroom is its very own world, its very own cosmos, where other norms rule. Quality’s biggest endangering comes from the man himself. Through his work, he influences climate unknowingly by operating machines, moving products and therefor causing particles. C4C’s goals are structuring the employees’ work and keeping the product’s quality on an equal level. That’s how we conticipate, document and schedule all construction movements in the cleanroom – Move In – Move Out – in order to keep the primary processes stabilized.

C4C-Monitoring systems and the zero-tolerance principle
Our database supported monitoring system is another quality tool that hardly leaves room for mistakes. The production quality is only as good as the smallest mistake, that isn’t supposed to happen. That is why we split the process into small, monitored and controlled steps. In this way, we create a continuous quality chain, which can point out marginal working capacity as well as the system’s fault tolerance.

Move In / Move Out – Know How
Means of production and consumable material need to be transported into and out of the cleanroom. They can influence the processes running in the cleanroom. C4C creates exact concepts for man and material with airlocks and filter systems to avoid contamination in the cleanroom. A chronological, strict flow is essential in order not to generate too big of a loss of production in case of a shutdown at Move In or Move Out.
Everyone has to know, what is necessary in order to do it right.

Separation of waste and waste recycling, the hidden costs
Another aspect would be proper disposal of wastes, including customer specific separation of waste and cleaning soiled substrata. Consequently, we save you as our customers the costs of expensive disposal.

Our services summarized:

  • Going through test runs
  • Supervision of Move In and Move Out of production equipment into/out of the clean-/ greyroom
  • Supply Chain Management of transports of internal and external suppliers
  • Documenting the quality plan in O4C

C4C – Your satisfaction is our aim. Your increasing productivity and automation our motivation.