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Your cleanroom is a great, complex world in itself. C4C is the best-fitting partner with supervision and lots of interdisciplinary knowledge. We have the experience, that you’ll need. For a clean, successful accomplishment of your requirements.

Here at C4C we have a basic principle: Customer satisfaction is always in the first place.

With expertise and reliability C4C have earned their customers’ trust. Because efficient and custom solutions and concepts in the cleanroom are without a doubt no coincidence. It’s something one will need years of experience for, just what we do.

C4C was founded in 2004 and showed it successful for more ten years in future-oriented, strategic project developments in the area of cleanrooms. Our employees are highly qualified and partly been doing industrial planning for 30 years.
Young and experienced engineers and technicians complete our expertise-teams.

Working in the cleanroom stands for: Permanent progress and nonstop development of your production chain as also of your and our working personnel and their thought processes.

When we explain our strengths and skills individually on this website, that Know-How originates from a uniform thinking. The cleanroom, without the room in the room, without its surroundings in its surrounding is simply not imaginable. The “uniform” cleanroom without its complex and multi-linear connected structures is not imaginable.

That is why we, as your service provider, have to understand the whole issue in order to be successful, even when facing smaller details.

C4C – trade regional, think global, act international

Consulting 4 Cleanroom

Philosophy is nothing.

Unless one acts after it.

Industrial fieldsThese are the branches we work for:



The production of smaller semiconductors tends to require even stronger specifications. C4C can do.



Producing agents and drugs needs to be faultless as mistakes, contaminations or pollution are likely to cause health problems. That’s a reason, why we have to be extra careful in this branch of cleanroom procedures.


Aerospace and food technology

Cleanrooms are the heart of producing high-quality products. Constructive geometrics increasing in complexity must be accomplished. WE KNOW HOW

C4C – Quick, effective and safe to the target.