Engineering for Cleanroom E4C

So that it’ll work, from prototypes to mass production.

To implement an idea to a functioning cleanroom atmosphere is a time-consuming task, which experience has a huge influence in. What parameters need to be considered, what supply systems need have a new design, et cetera, most important is the planned-out quality at the production-chain’s destination.

Planning with know-how and plenty of experience.

From prototypes to maturity phase up to mass production, along with you we’ll transfer your quality requirements into efficient solutions. We will give you customized and individual advice, independent from manufacturers and neutral. We provide you all necessary engineering services for cleanrooms of today’s high-tech industry.

On schedule, cost reliable, pursuant to your quality demands.
Qualities in cleanrooms can be defined with absolute cleanness, uniform pressure and temperature conditions. And still, the resulting tasks are highly complex. C4C knows how to handle the technology in the cleanroom area.

Our solutions are economically reasonable and functional in technical way. No matter, which cleanroom categories are taken into account, C4C implements ISO 14644-1 ISO, VDI 2083 and EU-GMP norms under all aspects. You have different locations with same or similar production runs? No worry, we’ll link your requirements and create even more efficient solutions.

Doing so, we plan your project with help of the so called modular design principle – expendable at all times and is able to adapt to your regional conditions.

We are planning just as much supply engineering as needed in the production process. That saves unnecessary investment and working expenses. Our concepts are expandable without complication in order that you could change future demands cost-efficiently.

Our primary target lies at: Increasing your productivity, a higher grade of automation and improvement of your competitiveness. However, the cost pressure should never endanger employee safety or production quality. C4C will help you to achieve your managerial goals.

A central point of our activity is the so called hookup – the tool connection
For a successful hookup you need strict layouts and inventory lists, which exactly indicate and describe the room, its technical surroundings and the supply lines. This will decide whether a system hookup will be a disaster or a piece of cake. Machine placement, which airflows, what kind of vibration absorber, voltage sensors, which norms have to be met? Us of C4C know: Success is the sum of all possible factors and their translation. We’d love to advise you.

Our services summarized:

  • planning activity for process automation or automation engineering
  • planning from prototypes up to maturity phase
  • Intelligent and cost-saving hookup solutions
  • Supply systems
  • Climate and cleanroom engineering
  • Implementing all relevant national and international norms and quality regulations

Engineering by C4C- He now reaps what he has sown.