Supervision for Cleanrooms S4C

Trust is always good, but permanent control is much safer

Supervision for cleanrooms bundles all those complex quests of all the production’s safety aspects. Here planned-out concepts are set into practice. Supervision is the last link of a quality chain.

We supervise quality.

Pressure, temperature, moisture, particles, everything is measured, often daily, often intervallic or automated. That’s how quality is guaranteed. This control enables us to quickly apply counteractive measures and/or improve the room’s climate.

C4C provides a room datasheet, in which layout parameters and the respective inventories are documented and defined. It includes precisely structured, explicit instructions for the employees. Because missing control standards will be followed by problems with economical consequences.

Precision measuring detects deviation, what results in safety from the beginning on. Our measuring chain collects data and analyzes it automatically. Simple visualization for operating and signal elements makes it easier for the personnel to understand processes in critical areas and to judge, intervene and act in a target oriented way.

A failure-free cleanroom/labourroom not only saves cost but guarantees optimal safety for man and the quality of the product.

Online monitoring and the cleanroom sheriff
Online monitoring is an essential part of quality management. It covers all substantial parameters and attaches them to their particular charges. Dysfunctions will be recognized easily and automatically activate the alarm. What the sensors partly cannot recognize is the employees’ behavior. Therefor inspection tours through the cleanroom are a must. Those will be done by the so called cleanroom sheriff.

By supervising we can see, if workplaces were changed and if the employees understand the operation procedure’s goals and targets and implement them correctly.
Facility, process and personnel need to be matched to each other perfectly in order to guarantee a zero-defect production. Installed equipment may influence the airflow by a minimum, or else they interfere with the room’s climate and thereby endanger the safety of the ongoing process.
This is met by supervising on a daily base. Control is not luxury; it is a fundamental process of operation. We can even improve little detail in the operating sequence, which then again saves cost and makes the production more efficient.

Our services summarized:

  • Specification of required measuring devices
  • Analysis of already existing cleanrooms or laboratories
  • Checking the observing of existing norms and standards
  • Analysis of required technologies for facility and process
  • Investigation & display of expected cost and & appointments
  • Analysis of investment- and operation-costs
  • Compiling the expertise of cleanroom-applications

Supervision by C4C – Creating quality, ensuring quality.